Bedrooms Interior Designs

Giving the sense to Bedrooms’ is not so easy task for Interior Designer.

It’s well known to all, that bedrooms are to relax and unwind. But it’s not always so easy to translate this in a bedroom interior design. This is exactly why the client or customers of this project asked for help to Ashi Interiors, and the result speaks for itself!


Besides giving this bedroom a relaxing vibe, there were some practical challenges to be solved in this project:

  • Using the big space effectively
  • Lightening up the room
  • Adding some storage
  • Use the perfect wallpapers on wall which are unique for client likes and wall requirement.

THE BEDROOM INTERIOR DESIGN: To better use the large amount of space in this bedroom, the proposed design creates three areas: reading, sleeping and storage. The reading book is conveniently placed next to the big windows, which allows taking a glance to the outdoors before going to bed. Next to it, the sleeping area is grounded by a big rug that fits both the bed and a bench. And on the opposite wall, a dresser and a big mirror create the perfect storage corner, while leaving enough clear space to walk around. Yes, beauty of bedrooms are depends on the site/location the outer views or it may be traditional apartment in city also. Getting to see the design upfront in a 3D image (Wallpapers) is a huge benefit of online interior design as it really helps to visualize the end result.

THE RESULT: Looking at this final bedroom design, everything talks about calm. The designer has chosen transitional bedroom furniture for the space and has used a mix of natural colors and textures to give the room character. Art is always a good idea to decorate a room and here the two paintings fit into the moldings, giving them a fresher and more modern look. The choice of these specific artworks is perfect for this space both to introduce a touch of color and to continue the relaxing vibe. Blues and greens belong to the more soothing half of the color wheel and the watercolor finish gives a dreamy feel that works perfectly in a bedroom. The same green of the art is then matched with a plant and some flowers that also add more life to the space.

Here The Ashi Interiors provides the complete solutions of Interior works, Offcourse, we design your dreams. we are Lucknow based interior designer in lucknow but also covers near by area of Lucknow / U.P.